Concert Promotion

Successful performing arts promotion is an art in itself, and one in which Buster-Elsie is well versed. Let our extensive experience and contacts generate successful promotional campaigns for anything on your organization’s calendar: from single performances or special events to entire subscription series, seasons or festivals — and anything in between.

Our expertise in developing multigenerational appeal for performing arts productions translates into sold-out shows, with patrons eager to return for more.

Buster-Elsie also specializes in producing and promoting turn-key events for traveling or visiting ensembles. Count on us to take the stress off from your next “road show” by making the necessary arrangements and filling the venue for you in advance, allowing you and your performers to simply show up and do what you do best.


The performing arts tell wonderful stories. But what is the story told by your organization itself? How do you begin telling it long before your performers even take the stage? Buster-Elsie builds resonant, tactile brand identities for the performing arts industry that bring these stories to life.

A Buster-Elsie brand entices, engages and excites the audiences your organization wants to reach, and strengthens their connection with the work your performances present. Our strategy begins with your organization’s mission, history and vision, and develops a design environment from that context to enhance and complete the experience for your talent, sponsors and patrons. From an integrated visual suite of logos, signage and collateral materials, to an interactive media presence, to the selection of relevant works to present in your organization’s performances, Buster-Elsie’s identity campaigns can help you tell your story in ways you never dreamed possible.

Buster-Elsie also offers expertise in branding special events, themed series and arts festivals, bringing the same cohesive approach to these productions’ identities that we use in developing compelling organizational brands for our arts clients.


Buster-Elsie’s comprehensive marketing strategies for the performing arts industry position organizations as the preeminent presenters in their fields.

We’ll work with you to clarify your company’s mission, and build a broadly appealing brand that represents it aesthetically and emotionally. We’ll identify potential sponsor and patron market segments, and implement tactics to reach them and draw them in. We’ll help you refine your artistic product offering, and recruit talent and develop programming material to deliver it. We’ll advise and equip your sales organization, and ensure as many people as possible are there to experience your work. And we’ll still just be warming up….

Public Relations

Effective public relations management is a critical element in any performing arts organization’s success: you need everyone singing your tune.

Buster-Elsie can handle all aspects of your company’s publicity. Our media relations services include launching season/series introductory announcements, placing paid and trade advertising, issuing pre- and post-event press releases, developing and maintaining relationships with influential arts critics, and pitching feature stories to prominent publications. We can help you keep in contact with your sponsors and patrons, too — and generate increased revenue — by developing newsletters, email campaigns and social networking innovations that keep your organization’s message in front of these important audiences. And our expertise in producing preview events and VIP functions will ensure that all your special guests are well cared for, freeing you to focus on your production.